American Board of Counseling Psychology

 When a Candidate is notified that the Practice Sample is accepted without further revision, information is provided on how to schedule the Oral Examination. Registration for the Oral Examination must take place within one (1) year of Practice Sample acceptance. Brief extensions, though not encouraged, may be obtained by requesting them from the Chair of the Oral Examination.

The Board uses an assessment center model to conduct oral examinations: Several Candidates are examined on the same day by a team of examiners. The examination is conducted over a half day and consists of three sessions listed below.

Session One: Assessment/Intervention and Professional Involvement. The candidate’s practice sample serves as the basis for discussion. This may include review of any practice sample videos.

Session Two: Ethics. Through a selected vignette, the candidate will demonstrate competence in the application of ethical principles and standards.

Session Three: Alternative Intervention. Through a vignette, the candidate will demonstrate skills and knowledge in the practice of counseling psychology outside the practice sample

Throughout each of these examination sessions, candidates will be accessed on the foundational and functional competencies identified in this manual.

The ABCoP Oral Examination schedule is as follows:


Reserving a Space for the Oral Examination 

Dates and locations of the examination are typically determined by the numbers of Candidates waiting to take the oral examination. Oral Examinations typically occur twice a year.

Because the assessment center model brings several Candidates and examiners together at the same site, timely coordination is essential. The Board establishes Oral Examination dates several months in advance; Candidates may contact the Oral Examination Chair for current dates. Candidates must pay the Oral Examination fee to the Central Office and inform the Oral Examination Chair of payment no later than sixty (60) days prior to the date on which they wish to take the examination. At the discretion of the Oral Examination Chair and on the basis of available space, exceptions can be made for a Candidate completing the Practice Sample after the deadline who wish to be examined as soon as possible.

Except for extreme circumstances, a Candidate who does not attend the scheduled examination date, will forfeit the examination fee and must pay a second fee to sit for a later examination.